CARGO Valise Noire's production for 2017. 

This project is for European Maritime Day and Poole Maritime Festival 2017, involving community and schools participation, live shows on Poole Quay and an exhibition at Lighthouse, the UK's leading arts centre outside of London.

See below for workshops, shows and the exhibition



Weekend 1 - April 8th & 9th

Weekend 2 - April 29th & 30th

Weekend 3 - May 13th & 14th



Join us to make this significant performance on Poole Quay. We will be creating a contemporary performance and are looking for 35 enthusiastic friendly and committed people who love to dance, act, move, sing, or simply walk and share the heritage of CARGO with audiences. We are looking for a range of abilities to join us. 

Come along and spend some fun and inspiring time with us. Learn more about performing outdoors, creating art and performance from heritage research.


Thursday 18th May - 9pm

FREE - Twilight performance - 8.45pm see the ship arriving - 9pm Performance starts

Saturday 20th May - 7pm

FREE - 6.45pm see ship arriving - 7pm performance starts

Come to Poole Quay to experience an interactive show that begins with the arrival of a magnificent ship 'The Queen Galadriel'

Witness a significant performance unfold on Poole Quay as a ship's crew unload special cargo and move into a dynamic procession with music, light, stories and beautifully created light boxes. 

Watch carefully as you may be asked to recieve a gift from the sea or listen to something special!


25th May - 25th June 


Exhibition Launch & live performance on

Thursday 25th May - 7pm


The CARGO exhibition will provide an ongoing opportunity to engage with the project within the setting of Lighthouse Centre for the Arts Poole. A specially constructed exhibition space will be created on the 1st floor of Lighthouse for you to come and experience how this project was made and the maritime heritage behind it's inspiration.

A feature performance and talk with the artists will launch the opening of the exhibition. This is a unique event with only 40 tickets available. 

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