Bringing to life Poole's maritime heritage of The Great Quay

Watch this immersive show start on the quay side, as the 'The Queen Galadriel' ship sails into port and a crew disembark celebrating millennia of goods that have travelled the seas. Unloading their unusual interactive'cargo', the crew dance, sing, and move in procession sharing stories from above and below the flowing waters, revealing wisdom and heritage of maritime life along the way.


Experience this wonderfully creative celebration of Poole's rich heritage; a project that provides opportunities and learning experiences for local communities and culminates in an exhibition at Lighthouse Poole opening at the end of May.

As part of the Poole Maritime Festival and the European Maritime Day, CARGO will deliver key information at a crucial time when the Great Quay of Poole is being celebrated. It will be able to reach large audiences through major art/heritage performances. This is a one-off opportunity to deliver a wonderful learning, sharing and celebratory experience for thousands of people who may not otherwise have opportunities to learn about Poole's local and global heritage. This project is a fabulous opportunity to highlight Poole's part within European Maritime excellence on a prestigious world platform.


JAN - FEB 2017: We are currently in the research and developmental phase of the project and will be updating the project as it unfolds with news, opportunities, events, learning resources, Youtube clips, artwork as well as the heritage we are uncovering that will become part of the project and ongoing legacy. Keep up to date with us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

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